Hey everyone, so I thought I would share some of the assignments I have completed recently. In my portraiture class we have been learning all about lighting ratios and types of lighting and how to utilize them when photographing portraits.  This first assignment was to be casual portraits of a male and a female using 3:1 and 5:1 lighting ratios and Broad, Short and Butterfly lighting techniques.  In other words we had to adjust the intensity of the fill lights in comparison to the main light in order to lighten or darken the shadows that fall upon the subjects face.

Also in my portrait class we had to shoot male and female business portraits, which I have to admit was kind of dull and technical but knowing how to shoot a business portrait will I’m sure come in handy at some point.

We also had to create an eye catching CD cover which had to be a 12 x 12 cm perfect square.  I had a lot of fun playing around with this assignment and ended up doing a lot of time wasting editing stuff.  I can’t complain though since I’ve ended up with some pretty cool images 🙂

The assignment I am most happy with however is my new business card 😀

I am hoping to actually get some printed and be able to start handing them out soon.  Yet as we are currently working on creating a website and since I only have my blog down as my website thus far I think I might just have to hold off on sending them to print until I have my website info all updated.  Anyways hopefully you all enjoy seeing what I have been up to!  Feel free to comment and show me some love!

Sarah Carr


A few weekends ago my good friend Dana and I headed to the studio at Fanshawe College with a multitude out outfit changes and ideas for a fun photo shoot all about strength and femininity.  My lighting consisted of a giant soft box, a fill light, background light and a hair light for most of the shots and I was photographing with my Cannon Rebel XSI.  Dana was an amazing model, she understood what I wanted from her and she threw out a lot of her own creative ideas as well. We got a bunch of awesome shots but you can judge for yourself!

One of my favorites from that day. I obviously did some heavy editing in photoshop on this one, not that she needed it! I also used this shot for a retouching assignment which included about 5 non destructive layers which included: sharpening, retouching of lines and blemishes, soft focus filters, colour correction and a vignette

Some more of my favorite shots from that day:

One of the last shots of the day I decided to jump in on a photo with one of my bestest friends. It was a great shoot, thanks again Dana for being a wonderful model!

Hello everyone I thought it would be appropriate to post an introductory blog welcoming myself to Word Press and letting you all know a little bit about me. My name is Sarah Carr and I am a photographer. I am 21 years old and I am currently half way through my second year of Fanshawe College’s Photography program.  Through the photography program I have learned a great deal and most of my future blogs will be directly related to photographic assignments and getting started in the photography field. I hope you enjoy my work and please feel free to comment and leave feedback on this and any future posts. Comments make me happy 😀

Since my future posts will likely be about current projects I thought I would display some of my assignments from last term in this post. I mainly focused on learning how to shoot commercial photography and being new to that avenue of photography I was very interested in my commercial photography assignments. I will post some of them below.

Watch Assignment:  Photograph one or more watches to be used in advertising.  The face of the watch should be sharp and not blocked by reflections .  Normally the hands of the watch should be set for 10 minutes after 10:00 so the name , date and or day indicator is not hidden.  Choose the background to compliment the watch and the lighting for the set.  The digital cameras will allow for creative focus and depth of field.  Submit one 8×10 inkjet print mounted on a 8×10 board.

Silverware:  This black and white photograph should show silverware that is highly reflective.  The lighting for this assignment is critical.  Control the reflections by using a light tent, backlighting on a light table, or a softbox.  Which lighting to use will depend on the subject being photographed. Digital cameras will allow for creative focus and depth-of-field. Final image file must be 8×10 inches @300 DPI JPEG format.  Submit file on-line to server.

Wine Bottle Assignment:  Photograph a wine bottle either white or red on a basic background.  The background should compliment the bottle.  Specifically a bottle of wine not a carton. Use proper lighting on the bottle and be careful of not flaring the label of the bottle.  You must be able to still read the label.  Proper perspective or choice of lens is critical as well as your verticals.  Use of a diffused light source must be considered as well as reflective card or backlighting for a white wine bottle.  Submit one 8×10 colour inkjet print mounted on an 8×10 board.